When do I need to wear my Packmask?

Packmask offers two-way protection for yourself and others. In the UK, new rules on face coverings now mean people not wearing face coverings will be barred from travelling on public transport. Failure to comply will result in on-the-spot fines. The new rules also apply to all hospital staff, visitors and outpatients in England and some smaller shops may also opt to have customers wear face coverings. You should wear a face covering when you may have difficulties social distancing.

Will Packmask stop me infecting other people?

Packmask helps by offering two-way protection. It can protect others from harmful viruses that you may breath out. If you cough or sneeze, Packmask cuts the risk of spreading infection and because of the fitted design, there will be no escape of virus-laden aerosols around the sides of the mask. You should combine Packmask with strict personal hygiene.

Will it provide 100% protection against viruses?

No device can guarantee 100% protection against viruses. Packmask’s effectiveness is improved when used alongside government-issued hygiene guidelines.

Packmask vs. triple layer face coverings

The protection provided by homemade or fashion-style fabric face coverings will vary enormously depending on the fabric used. Therefore, the Government and WHO recommends three layers so that there is more chance of potentially ‘blocking’ viruses in aerosols breathed in or out. We believe there is no real comparison with these types of face coverings and Packmask. The mask is a meticulously researched and pioneering product and does not need three layers to make it highly effective. This choice is based on proven antiviral evidence alone, not chance or aesthetics. We have then coated it with our patented antiviral coating which disables viruses on contact. Our mask is proven up to 99.9% effective with just ONE breathable layer.

How else can I protect myself against viruses?

Wash your hands frequently with soap and clean water. Cough and sneeze into a paper tissue and dispose of it immediately. Avoid touching your eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

What is the right way to wear my Packmask?

For maximum protection, cover your nose and mouth. Ensure a snug fit with the ties looped over your ears.

Can I fold my Packmask?

Yes, it’s fine to fold your Packmask, especially to keep it in your secure keychain holder.

Does Packmask lose its shape?

Packmask is manufactured to the highest standards from natural fibre materials to allow the coating to impregnate the fibres. Prolonged wear without washing may result in the fabric becoming loose. Washing will help restore its original shape and fit.

Can a child wear a Packmask?

Packmask is in one size with adjustable ear loops to fit a child or adult.

Can I wash my Packmask?

Yes. Washing will restore its original shape and fit after prolonged use.

How should I wash my Packmask?

Packmasks are machine washable.

Am I depriving NHS staff of PPE?

No, it is not a medical device. In line with the latest advice from HM Government, Packmask is neither classed as PPE or RPE. It is now part of a new classification of ‘face coverings’, with the added protection from its protein coating. By wearing one you are helping to shield yourself and protect others.


Pack Mask

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Pack Mask

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